Hey, I'm Lars 👋 I work to make the web better for people like you.

I make modern frontend web applications and push to make the web more enjoyable for everyone. I do this by combining accessibility, design, and development.

Lars laughing

Lars Magnus Klavenes

Frontend Engineer, Designer and Manager based in Sydney

Getting here there.

Growing up on a farm between mountains and the sea in Norway taught me to dive in. To get things done and to care for my surroundings.
...and that I'd get tied to a tree if I didn't listen. I usually didn't listen.

In primary school, an excited teacher taught me CSS shortly after its release. They presented it as a new national treasure. I was pretty bad, so of course I decided to publish a few websites with a friend.

I experimented with graphics in my teens. 3D graphics that'd overheat the family computer after rendering for days. Then posters, logos and t-shirt prints. Somehow, my messing around led to contract work. Within a few years my t-shirt prints were rolling off the press. They still are.

Following this, I worked as a freelance designer, swimming instructor and coach. In 2010 after serving in the military, I moved to Australia. I studied Communication Design at RMIT in Melbourne and fell in love with an Aussie. 💛

Text continues after some of the values I live by:
  • Be damn good ✨

    I strive to do good. Good to others, myself and the environment. I don't worry about being nice. I care about being empathetic, kind, and damn good at what I do.

  • Help out 🙌

    I'm serious about helping out when it's helpful. It needs to be deliberate and make a genuine difference. When you need help and you're in it, we're in it together.

  • Chase curiosity ⚡️

    I'm fuelled by a constant search. For experiences, growth, new perspectives and shores. It's not for a lack of any, but a hunger for more and an interest in people's stories.

  • Dive in 🏊

    I go in headfirst and figure things out on the way. Enjoying pushing the limits of what's possible while taking pragmatic risks. If not me, then who? Adventure away!

Skipping ahead ten years, Australia was still home. Sydney.

I traded CMYK for HEX, going from Designer to Creative Developer to Frontend Engineer. What I do for a living as an Engineer is arguably the same as when I was a Designer. I find creative ways to solve problems and craft things everybody can enjoy. My skill set, values and passion culminated by combining accessibility, design and development.

I love it, and it really works.

What I do now

I'm lucky to have worked with tons of smart, kind and brave people – and I still am. I often lead the Frontend on large projects and enjoy coaching and mentoring people to take my job. As an Engineering Manager, I strive to nurture pragmatic teams of people who care about each other and want to make a difference.

My work spans startups and enterprises. Products, projects and consulting. For several award-winning projects for the big 4 banks in Australia. In fintech, healthcare, sustainable tech, and more.

Collaboration, play, and genuine conversations are crucial to me, and how I work. I believe they're essential ingredients for changing lives and businesses for the better.

I love natural filter coffee, new movies, old games and learning different things. When I'm not coding or helping my team out, you can find me on a mountain, swimming in the ocean or at the beach. See you out there! ✌️

Lars M. Klavenes